• What is the pitch fee?

    The pitch fee amounts to £197.44 per month. This amount is revised annually on November 1st in line with the Retail Price Index. Ground rent includes mains water, sewerage & drains, park lighting, park manager, maintenance of all communal areas (hedges, grass cutting, roads, etc.).

  • What warranties come on the homes?

    The homes come with a 2 year manufacturer’s warranty and a 10 year Gold Shield or Platinum Seal which covers a wide range of faults relating to the structure of the property. Both warranties commence from when the home is delivered on site.

  • Can I keep a pet in my park home?

    We are a pet friendly community and your four legged friends are welcome.

  • Can I live on New Forest Park all year round?

    Yes. New Forest Park has been granted a full residential site licence by the Local Council and as such, you must use your home is your primary residence.

  • Is there an age requirement to live on the park?

    Yes, the park is exclusively for over 45’s.

  • What are the benefits in buying a residential park home?

    If you are looking to escape the pressures and responsibilities of running a large family home now that the children have flown the nest, then downsizing to a residential lodge home could be the answer. Economical to run and enough of a garden to be a pleasure and enjoy and in the knowledge that your neighbours are all like minded people.

  • What costs are involved when buying a home?

    Save for the normal connection charges for a landline telephone & wifi, Sky (optional), digital TV aerial and park home insurance. There is no stamp duty to pay and you are not obliged to use a conveyancing solicitor, although you may choose to do so. You would be advised to choose a solicitor who specialises in Park Home Law.

  • What protection do I have when purchasing a residential park home?

    What protection do I have when purchasing a residential park home?
    You have the full protection of the Mobile Homes Act 2013, during the purchase of your home and through your residence within it. For more information, please click through to the Government Website here.

  • Which Council Tax band applies to the homes?

    All homes are Council Tax Band A, which as of April 2018 amounts to £1,553.30 per annum

  • Do you recommend any insurance companies?

    It is important to have the correct park home insurance. As many insurance companies do not understand the specific requirements of park home insurance, we would recommend a specialist park home insurance company.

    Examples of such companies include:

    Paul Baker Insurance
    0800 038 5090

    Towergate Insurance
    01242 528 844

    Park Home Assist
    0845 402 0631

  • Are there any useful Professional Associations?


    The BH&HPA is the only organisation which works exclusively for the benefit of park business. It was created by park owners with the sole objective to serve the parks industry.

    Park owners and managers have set the Association’s strategy, through the democratic election of industry members to serve on the Association’s Board of Directors. Currently more than 2,100 park owners and managers including New Forest Park are in BH&HPA membership.

    BH&HPA’s influence is wide and it is automatically consulted by government on all new, or changes to, legislation affecting park business. The Association is very pro-active in its work to improve the regulatory environment in which parks operate.

    National Caravan Council- NCC

    The NCC was setup in 1939 as the UK trade body representing the collective interests of the tourer, motorhome, holiday home and park home sectors.

    The NCC are a non profit membership organisation that represent all those within the supply chain:-
    Manufacturers of tourers, motorhomes and holiday and park homes
    Retail dealers of tourers and motorhomes
    Distributors of holiday homes
    Holiday and residential park operators
    Suppliers of components, appliances and accessories
    Specialist service providers to the industry

  • Park Home Legal services

    The laws governing park homes are different to those governing standard bricks and mortar homes therefore it is important for residents to seek specialist legal advice when matters requiring legal guidance arise.

    Park Home Legal Services Ltd
    01275 373 762
    0906 586 2135 (Helpline, costs 60p per minute)

    01895 201 700